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Engine Oil Viscosity, It's All About the Numbers

Engine oil viscosity, what does that mean? Viscosity is the measurement of the flow resistance of the oil. More viscosity means a slower flow and less viscosity means a faster flow.

The numbers on the engine oil containers signify the rating of viscosity for cold and hot temperatures. For example, 10W-30 means a viscosity of 10W at a cold engine temperature and a viscosity of 30 at a hot engine temperature. 

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What Will a Leak in the Gasket Between the Exhaust Manifold and Engine Do?

The integrity of your exhaust system contributes to the running efficiency of your vehicle and the safety of you and your passengers. The gasket between your engine and the exhaust manifold is one of the principal places where a gasket leak will occur.

When a leak occurs in the gasket between the exhaust manifold and the engine, the pressurized gas passes through the leak along with the noise of the combustion chamber. 

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Cruise Control and Adaptive Steering Make the Lincoln MKZ a Dream to Drive!

When drivers take a Lincoln vehicle out for a spin, they expect quality. With its smooth driving and cruise control features, the Lincoln MKZ is no exception.

Each one of these popular luxury sedans comes with adaptive cruise control, a high-tech feature that makes every drive enjoyable. When drivers turn on adaptive cruise mode, the car uses radar technology to gauge the speed of traffic. 

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Consider Headlight Maintenance

The failure of your car’s headlights to go off whether you turn them off manually or otherwise is slightly annoying. Even when the engine is shut and keys removed, the lights remain on. Although headlights do not have complicated technology behind them, there are a handful of different points of failure that can cause such a problem. Below are some of the issues that can cause your car headlights to not go off:

  • Headlight switch
  • Daylight running light unit
  • Multifunction switch
  • Relay Light sensor
  • …and more! 
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Why You Should Keep Your Car Fueled Up

The reasons for Louisville, KY motorists to always navigate in the winter with a full tank of gas are abundant. There are a few things the Bill Collins Lincoln of Louisville service team hopes that you will consider before heading out on those icy and snowy roads.

If the gas tank is low on fuel, it opens the door for the buildup of condensation. Now that condensation is going to become moisture and then water, which turns to ice in freezing weather. Ice in the fuel line could choke the fuel from getting to the engine and leave you stranded…

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Buying the Best Parts from the Dealership

Too many drivers think they are getting a bargain buying their auto parts from those discount stores, only to find that within a very short amount of time the parts are failing or didn't fit correctly. Perhaps the biggest benefit to coming to Bill Collins Lincoln of Louisville to get your automotive parts is that all the team working here have years of experience working on all sorts of vehicles. Knowing your car inside and out means they can locate the right part to solve the issue you are having with your vehicle the first time.

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Prepping Your Car Before You Get on the Road

If you're planning on traveling for the holidays, there are several things you'll need to do to your vehicle to make sure that your car is in working order, no matter how far you have to travel. Here are a few tips to make sure that your road trip is an enjoyable one.

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What Next After Your Lease Ends?

Is your lease elapsing soon? We here at Bill Collins Ford Lincoln of Louisville will help you finalize your lease. We offer various lease end options for our esteemed customers. They include:

• Returning the car: Return the car if you do not have any other lease options. Avoid extra costs and penalties by returning the car on time.
• Buy the car: At Bill Collins Ford Lincoln of Louisville, we offer our esteemed clients an option to own the vehicle. You will buy the vehicle at a depreciated value compared to its initial cost.
• Extend the lease: Bill Collins Ford Lincoln…
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Keep Your Car Running Smoothly by Replacing Fluids when Needed

Your car has different types of fluids that have different purposes. It is important to replace these fluids when necessary to keep your car running right. Some of these fluids may be more important than others, but they all play a key role in giving you the best and safest driving experience.

One of the most important fluids in your car is the oil. If your car is running low on oil, the moving parts might not have enough lubrication to move easily. This can present a real problem for your car. Changing oil is not always the easiest or…
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